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Relax and be surrounded by stylish furniture in a country side spot...

When you are on that webpage you are most probably wrong!?

This has been produced only for friends and family of Claudia and Dirk and it shows about the beautiful house they rented in Ibiza. Or better it shows the part that can be rented by friends and family. We furnished that place with the help of THE MASTER himself: DonJo

DonJo is an old friend of the family a collector of art works, design furniture and a creator by himself. In the unbelivable time frame of 2 weeks (in words: two) he searched, bought and transported this stuff all over Europe, brought it to his work shop in Germany, checked it out and repaired it (f necessary), flew it over to Ibiza and created the place to what it is now. The: IBIZA DESIGN SUITE

We now give it out to some people we know or who are recommended by good friends. This could be during every time of the year for a weekend or a longer stay. People to rent it for special occasions like taking pictures, videos or who like to celebrate a party at this very special place are also welcome.

Please follow the few pages we announce here and contact us under: info@ibizadesignsuite.com .